META<>CRILL® is intended for medical use only.

The medical professionals who apply it must have or acquire experience in its use and in anatomy from a medical and aesthetic standpoint.

META<>CRILL® is an injectable biomaterial composed polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) microspheres of 30 a 50 µ of smooth regular surface, free of impurities, suspended in a chemically and biologically inert colloid.

It is a fascinating injectable filling material which provides a permanent support structure to enhance beauty, erase the signs of aging and correct aesthetic defects of the nose, cheeks, lips, chin and jaw. The body does not reabsorb it, but rather it stimulates the patient’s collagen formation around the treated area to obtain permanent effects.



According to histological studies performed in 1988 by Prof. Gerson Cotta Pereira and Dr. Mateus Sommer, posterior to the injection of polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) microspheres with a colloidal agent (carboxy glyconate hydrolactic of magnesium) in the subcutaneous tissue, the following evolution is assessed:

  • In the first week after the injection, mononuclear cells surround and infiltrate the microsphere deposits.
  • In the second week, the microspheres are retained by macrophages which envelop and form a thick layer around them. It is like a type of bag which contains microspheres enveloped by macrophages, and its membrane is surrounded by giant cells.
  • Between the fourth and eighth week, fibroblasts appear among the macrophages and envelop the microspheres.
  • Beginning in the eighth week, a capsule of connective tissue appears which envelops the microspheres and sends walls toward the center, forming lobulations.  
  • In the sixteenth weeks, a thick coating of connective tissue containing collagen fibers and blood vessels encases the microsphere deposits with a dense fibrous matrix.

Studies have observed no presence of PMMA microspheres in the organs (kidney, liver, spleen, heart and lungs), inside the blood vessels or in the blood. This indicates that the PMMA remains immobilized in the application point and provokes no systemic reaction. No signs of neoplasia are detected in the skin or the organs that were studied.

META<>CRILL® is a filling material used by top professionals in many countries. It has an extremely low rate of complications. In a study performed over 7 years on 84,000 patients with 252,000 treated areas, the complications index was 0.08 %.

Its results are immediate and permanent.



META<>CRILL® must be injected by qualified medical personnel who have been adequately trained in filling techniques. It is necessary to take courses in order to receive training from an expert and to avoid the possibility of improper or erroneous technical interpretations, which would produce inadequate or low quality results.


The documentation recommended with the use of META<>CRILL® is the following:

Medical history from all physicians and informed consent regarding the indicated procedure.

Photographic documentation, as a record of the physical appearance before and after the procedure, following the traditional documentation standards practiced in cosmetic surgery. The distance, lighting, equipment and positions in the photos must be identical before and after implantation. Avoid make-up, accessories, loose clothing and loose hairs which cover the face. Utilize a dark, black or blue background.

Simple questionnaire containing the patient data, application date, treated area and applied quantities, registering the lot and box number.

Product handling


Store at room temperature.

The product is presented in a package containing 10 sterile 1.5 ml syringes (2%, 10% or 30%) or (5) 3 ml syringes at 30%.


Use of disposable materials is required.


  • 25 x 1 or 25 x 9 for nose and chin
  • 50 x 1 or 50 x 9 for facial grooves and lipodystrophies;
  • 70 x 1 or 80 x 12 for malar, jaw contour and remaining body parts.

Low gauge needles.

  • 30 x 7 (black cone) or 25 x 8 / 25 x 7 for the nose;
  • 13 x 4.5 26G ½ 0.7 mm (maroon cone) for acne scars.

The most frequently used syringes are 3 cc and 5 cc, the capacity depending on the volume required for the enlargement. The syringe needle adaptation must be rigid in order to impede product loss.

Pre-application precautions

The skin must be in tact, without inflammatory or infectious processes, in the spot where META<>CRILL® will be injected. The presence of scars is not a contraindication for application, but must be assessed by the physician who performs the implant.

As a routine, wash the injection point with soap and apply an antiseptic in the form of pure alcohol or 1% iodized alcohol.

The phycisian must take the same precautions as in any other invasive surgery, utilizing gloves, cotton, sterile gauze and adequate aseptia and antiseptia techniques, as in surgical fields.


The position of the patient is important. It is recommended that the patient is placed in sitting position at a 60º angle for facial treatment, and laying face up for other treated areas.


META<>CRILL injection is painless. Local or general anesthesia is not necessary, as the procedure is completely tolerable. The patient feels the needle prick, as in any injection. A small infiltration of local anesthesia may be placed in the needle points. In order to reduce discomfort and depending on the sensibility of the patient, anesthesia may be used, above all, when various areas are to be treated.

Outline of treatment area

It is advisable to demarcate the treatment area with pencil in order to facilitate the procedure. The outlined area may be divided into equal sections so that the quantities are symmetrically implanted.

Enlargement techniques

It is fundamental that the injection is performed continuously, in order to prevent the formation of bubbles which would in time become rigid nodes. The application must be done by retroinjection using the parallel line, fan-shaped or mesh technique, in subcutaneous cellular tissue or muscle, or next to bones. The result of these precautions is a uniform enlargement.

The anatomic plane of injection of META<>CRILL® is extremely important, as the product must not be implanted in the dermal layers. Injection is indicated solely in the subcutaneous, intramuscular or juxta-osseous planes, first penetrating the skin with a 40x12 (pink cone) needle.

The use of a 1 mm diameter cannula and lateral orifice is recommended to avoid the blood vessel injury.

Do not apply the product in glabellar wrinkles, due to the risk of intramural or intravascular injection which may be caused by the close proximity of supratrochlear veins.

Avoid hypercorrection. A 30 day revision is advisable for any necessary retouching, to complement the enlargement in desired levels.

Scarred areas must be injected using extreme caution, as the skin is less flexible. If great pressure is exerted on the plunger of the syringe, the META<>CRILL will be forced to disperse into neighboring areas. In this case, the enlargement must be made in successive stages, at intervals of nearly one week.

It is important to demarcate the implant area with the fingers, practically guiding the injection of META<>CRILL precisely where necessary. This maneuver is important in upper lip reconstruction, in nasal bridge corrections and in the enlargement of the chin protrusion.

The physician will determine the quantity of META<>CRILL to be applied as well as the required number of injections, according to the areas to be corrected.

Post-application precautions

Cold compresses must be placed on treated areas for two days if edema appears, as this condition varies by patient. It is not necessary to use anti-inflammatories.

In rare cases where the edema is more intense, due to an individual variation in the patient’s response, an intramuscular dose of corticoids may be administered.

If a small gradual ecchimosis appears, caused by the needle puncture of the blood vessels, recovery is spontaneous.

Rest of the treated region is necessary for two to three days in order to avoid trauma to the injected area. Exposure to direct sunlight and exposure to high temperatures should also be avoided for several days.


The patient will be revised one week after the procedure. After 30 days, when the edema has completely disappeared, take a photo of the current condition and complement the expansion of the treated area, if necessary. Registration if the questionnaire is indispensable.


  • Use of anticoagulants in the patient history is important, as they may indicate hematoma or hemorrhaging or point to a type of allergy. History of autoimmune ailments, allergic processes and treatment with immunosuppressants.
  • In the case of contagious skin infections (viral, bacterial, etc), treatment must be postponed until complete healing.
  • META<>CRILL® must not be injected in previous silicone implant points. It may be utilized in areas treated with other non-silicone implants, respecting the stabilization period of the first implant.


The application of META<>CRILL® is fast and the results are permanent.

It stimulates the patient’s own collagen synthesis.

It is non-toxic, antiallergenic and contains no proteins, requiring no previous allergy screens.

It is non-mutagenic.

It does not migrate, thus there is no product displacement.

The procedure may be repeated as many times as necessary.

Application is painless.

META<>CRILL® offers the value for money in comparison to other products.


META<>CRILL® must not be combined with other products.

Over-correction must be avoided, since attaining the desired end result does not only depend on the quantity of the material injected, but also on the collagen produced around the product particles.

It is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption, exposure to heat, direct sunlight or other rays, as well as physical exertion for several days following the injection.


MetaCrill®(PMMA 2%)

Lips, fine wrinkles in upper lip, acne scars.

MetaCrill®(PMMA 10%)

Nasogenian and mental-genian grooves, lips, hands, etc.

MetaCrill®(PMMA 30%)

Jaw angle and body, chin, nasal bridge and tip, cheeks, lipodystrophy, nasogenian groove, hands, etc.


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