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Why is METACRILL® the best implant?

META<>CRILL® is constituted of PMMA microspheres. It was created in 1902 and has been used in medical implants across various specializations since 1936, producing exceptional results. It has been employed as an injectable implant since 1989.

Histological studies on META<>CRILL® back up its use and show its tolerance and excellent results. It is biocompatible, does not migrate, does not cause cancer, is non-toxic and is protein free, provoking no allergies and requiring no previous allergy screens.

This implant is used very frequently and has an extremely low rate of complications. In a study performed over 7 years on 84,000 patients with 252,000 treated areas, the index of complications was 0.08 %. Its results are immediate and permanent.

How is METACRILL® applied?
Is anesthesia required?
Are any cuts made?
Can META<>CRILL® be placed in any area?
Does META<>CRILL® migrate over time?
Is an operation room required for the procedure?

Treatment is percutaneous, requiring no operation room. It may be applied in a clinic in a sterile illuminated environment with adequate tools for application. Measures of hygiene and asepsis which are necessary for any percutaneous treatment must be employed at all times. Wash hands with germicidal soap and utilize powder-free sterile gloves. Sterilize the treatment area with an antiseptic and create a sterile field.

What precautions must the patient take prior to treatment?
Is testing necessary prior to applying METACRILL®?
How long will the procedure last?
What precautions must the patient take following META<>CRILL® application?
What term is used to refer to the META<>CRILL® application techniques?
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